Relaunch from the CI to the website

Usually a relaunch of a web project is much more than originally thought. Often for the first time in many years you are faced with reviewing your own business model or to ask the question: "Who are we actually?" and "What are our services and how can they be digitalised?".

We combine your knowledge in your business area with our know-how and our experience and develop together with you a strong concept for your new website. We plan, design and program your relaunch.

We design your website in a modern, target-group-oriented design with a focus on usability and conversion optimisation. We are happy to revise your corporate identity if necessary. We create a modern brand communication with a high recognition value without giving up your brand essence.

A relaunch comes with additional challenges. For example content that must be migrated to a new content management system and search engine rankings built up over years that must not be lost. You have external APIs or systems connected which need to work with the new setting. We have more than a decade of relaunch experience and SEO expertise to help you with questions like that.

Website development and digital products

You have a new idea or are looking for digital opportunities in your business? You ask yourself: "How do we prepare for today's demands as well as for the future ones?"

This is where we like to get into the game. We help you to think strategically about your project and conceptualise your idea so that your project can go into development. We know what is technically possible and we are happy to do it for you.

We implement complex programming requirements. The focus on SEO as well as the targeted user guidance and usability flow in steadily.

We design a target group-oriented modern web design for you and develop a corporate identity or a new logo.

From conception through design to programming you will receive a finished product from a single source.